Adidas SLAMMED For Congratulating Runners On ‘Surviving’ The Boston Marathon — SRSLY??

Does NO ONE work in the marketing department at Adidas??

The sportswear manufacturer is facing MAJOR backlash after sending a tone deaf email to consumers. According to the images circulating online, Adidas sent a mass email which had the subject line, “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!” Oh noooooo.

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Obviously, numerous people are outraged by the insensitive email as three spectators died and around 264 others were injured due to a bombing during the 2013 Boston Marathon. Tsk, tsk.

Several consumers have since commented on Twitter:

Uhhh @adidas.. you messed up royally
— Motorcitykitties (@PassMeAColdBurr) April 18, 2017

@adidasrunning I know this has good intentions but could really be taken the wrong way.@adidasoriginals @adidas
— Wyatt (@WyattGFerrell) April 18, 2017

Dear @adidas, I love you, but you need to talk to whoever is doing your email marketing… #BostonMarathon #toosoon @adidasrunning
— Jason Lonsdale (@jasonlonsdale) April 18, 2017

Adidas sent out an email saying “congrats you ‘survived’ the Boston Marathon” wtf…
— Brandin Cooks (@FauxCooks) April 18, 2017

On another note though, @adidas pretty poor taste with the word choice in the email. “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon” yikes
— Michael DiPasquale (@ItsTheMikeD) April 18, 2017

It looks like Adidas is the latest corporate company to deal with some bad PR this month. Hey, Adidas, your CEO should go meet up with Pepsi and United Airlines‘ executives, they could give you some tips on how to kick off your apology tour!

Just sayin’…