Kim Kardashian’s Fans Are NOT Thrilled With Her Virgin Mary Kimoji & Merch

Virginity and Kim Kardashian West don’t exactly go together! LOLz!

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But Kimmy has gone ahead and put her face on the Virgin Mary for a emoji, and people are NOT okay with it.

The reality star tweeted the Kimoji as part of her new series of merch on Thursday, showcasing it prominently among all the others (below).
— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) April 20, 2017

Twitter was quick to call her on it, both the religious and non-religious alike:

@KimKardashian I don’t think this is a fun emoji, for Catholics the Virgin Mary is Sacred.
— Paola Andrea Roa (@pioroa) April 20, 2017

@KimKardashian That is the most disrespectful thing i’ve ever seen.
— eclypra (@eclypra) April 20, 2017

@ItsJohnnyCyrus @KimKardashian Or you could not appropriate my religion. The Blessed Mother is not a joke to us. And her image isn’t to be used for your disposal & mockery
— sydney ن (@sydney_poinsett) April 20, 2017

@Xalenciago Se cree virgen después de tanta putería.😹
— Elle VonKupferschein (@akathisia_) April 20, 2017

@KimKardashian I’m not religious or spiritual but even I find this inappropriate. Seriously? How did this get past your pr team?
— Jessica T Carroll (@jntenbroeck) April 20, 2017

@KimKardashian So you get mad when ppl disrespect Arminians & their history but you can blatantly disrespect Catholics…? #smh #whatisyoudoing
— Marlene Ochoa (@marlenebug) April 20, 2017

@KimKardashian Funny but you are not virgin from anywhere baby😂😂😂😂😂😂
— Ricky (@alessydaddy) April 20, 2017

@KimKardashian Hold on now. I can’t rock with this. Kim baby, what is you doing?! 💀
— Joey (@JoeySmith511) April 20, 2017

Kim didn’t respond to any of the fans’ comments, naturally.

Also on Thursday, the 36-year-old was spotted out in LA in a tight black dress with the Virgin Mary’s face on it, presumably for a photo shoot, so this is obviously something that’s dear to her at the moment.

Do YOU think this is offensive, Perezcious readers???

[Image via WENN.]